L'avant gardiste, the trendy bazaar

L'avant gardiste, it is the unearth of originality, unexpected, that you expected. True creator of happiness, we give a soul to everyday objects and offer you every day an extraordinary vision of the ordinary world.

Once, twice, or maybe too many times?

“Monday morning, 7 am, nobody wakes up like a flower. It’s the return of digestion barely the week started. What do we do ? How do we escape it? We are caught up in one of the worst evils of our society: The Routine. Acute or severe routine? Whatever ... the diagnosis falls, here we are again suffering the unforgiving: Metro - Work - Dodo "

Where is the happiness?

2010: A guy, a girl with a touch of madness (not Chouchou and Loulou but Arié and Caroline), who were starting to take this routine disorder very seriously. In this desire to overcome boredom, they were very quickly joined by Jonas. After days and nights of reflection (yes, this trio never slept), everything went on as if it were obvious. So the world was not for those who woke up early, but for those who woke up happy: happy to go to work, happy to cook, happy to study, just happy to live. So the answer was there, right before their eyes from the start. They just had to make everyday life happy.

They then became, unearthers of originality, creators of souls for ordinary objects ... What if happiness was hidden in the unexpected? The envy of a visionary band to conquer the world with one goal in mind: to put originality at the service of everyday life: To make you want to desire what you already have or learn to tame it differently.

It was then that the avant-garde was born.

More the merrier, the merrier !

Today, L’ANT AVARD GARDISTE has become much more than an essential place to please or have fun, it is a state of mind. It’s the icing on the cake, the cream of the crop of the unexpected, of the original. Bye bye the banal, TEAM accompanies you every day in your quest for the unthinkable, the untraceable.

A team who came to enlarge the starting trio, with a sometimes dubious humor, who works while having fun (sometimes too much), adept at word games not always funny, but united by a common desire: the search for the nugget of tomorrow . The exceptional, the sensational at the click of a button, without even moving from your sofa. The desire to make you want through unpredictable objects and new experiences.

A preparation with small onions (but without the onions)!

And the avant-garde is committed to offering you a stunning service, where the exceptional is hidden in each step of your order. And yes, you do not see everything but all your precious orders are made with fervor by small hands. They slip love and tenderness inside each package so that the reception becomes a moment of escape, of meeting, between you and us ♥.

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